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The SharePoint MUI Manager allows you to translate user-specified text, such as the Title and Description of the site, throught the web interface.

There is no need to download, edit and upload a RESX file.

The SharePoint MUI Manager is now part of the SharePoint MUI Starter Kit:

SharePoint MUI Manager (SP MUI Manager) offers a very comfortable way to edit user resources on the SharePoint site. After installing and enable different language packs, your SharePoint 2010 site is MUI (Multiuser Interface) enable.

The MUI features translates the user interface in a different language. Furthermore it allows you to translate also custom site data like title and description of sites, webs, lists, content types, fields, etc. To do this with SharePoint 2010 out of the box functionality you have to export, edit and import a RESX file. With SP MUI Manager you are able to translate the custom site data in the web interface.

After activating the site collection feature, you will see a new like called “MUI Manger” in the site settings.

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